About Mood Apps


This business was started by an engineer who has lived with depression as far back as he can remember. His approach to dealing with his condition was to hide it behind a smile and easy going attitude while keeping an emotional distance from others. In effect, his approach was to passively accept it as the way things were and live with it. About 10 years ago he decided that his approach wasn’t good enough and set out to actively address his depression. He used his medical benefits to pay for psychotherapy. During this initial phase he read self help books and pushed himself to “get out” and try new things to learn more about who he is and what he wants. Due to a change in insurance coverage he dropped out of psychotherapy for a couple of years only to resume with a different therapist in response to a personal crisis. At that time he learned about treating and managing depression through the identification and mitigation of cognitive distortions. He read and implemented ideas from Dr. David B Burns’ book Feeling Good. At first, he used hard copy to record his thoughts and monitor his mood. He then started using computer applications like MS Word and MS Outlook to capture his thoughts, remind himself to review his hard copy write-ups, and to challenge any distorted thoughts that may have manifested during his day. He would e-mail documents between home and work to help him monitor, manage, and record his thoughts throughout the day. He then tried using Google Docs to enable persistent access to his thought log and other records, only to be foiled by the company for which he worked when that company disabled access to Google Docs from inside its firewall. He felt that having his reminders and tools available at all times was a good thing, and went to work developing a phone based app that he could use to better manage his condition. He perfected his tool and felt that others could benefit from his handiwork.  That’s the premier product of Mood Apps, Mood Sentry.

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